ITALIAN GOVERNMENT AGAINST ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND EUROPEAN UNION’S WILL Lettera di Appello dell’Amministratore della GC Management srl alla Commissione Europea SHARING Economy e a tutti gli Europarlamentari 

Dear European fellow citizens,
I am addressing every single member of the European Parliament, the Economic Development Commission and the Commission in charge of the Sharing Economy. I am addressing You, as the highest pertaining European body, in order to ask for Your intervention against the law that has been voted on the 17th of February 2017 by the Members of the Italian Parliament, now pending a discussion in the Senate, through which they intend to set up strange and senseless mandatory conditions. More specifically, this measure affects me, my company, my start-up, my app (which has costed me 21 months of work) since it forbids the “cross” between landlord (even in a non-entrepreneurial form) and home restaurant, justifying such measure as a prevention from unfair competition.

I would like to point out that the Hotel Restaurants, according to the European Parliament, should be encouraged and facilitated like the whole Sharing Economy, as a boost to employment opportunities and economic improvement: my company can prove that it has always worked in full accordance with the applicable laws and, therefore, it has never fostered any form of unfair competition. We could easily hold in evidence every single invoice issued.

If the Senate of the Italian Republic confirmed such measure, my Hotel Restaurant and my app, both created by a young Italian entrepreneur without any economic incentive, would turn out to be illegal: in this regard, I am about to forward my letter which has been published by several Italy national newspapers such as Il Sole 24 Ore, La Stampa, Ansa, Il Fatto Alimentare, Italia Oggi. Following, You can find the links to my complete declarations on the websites of the newspapers that are following this journalistic inquiry, because it does not make any sense to destroy economic development by denying numerous Italians the possibility of exploiting their own estates to increase the cadastral income and to create new economic solutions.


“I am Gaetano Campolo, director of GC Restaurant & Management srl, I am writing this declaration after having learnt what has happened at the Chamber of Deputies on 17th of January 2017 with regard to the Decree Law about Home restaurants.

As a young entrepreneur and as the founder of Home Restaurant Hotel, a start-up launched 21 months ago and the world’s first start-up to offer Home Restaurant and landlord service, I am asking You to verify all the fiscal invoices my company has issued since its beginning, to verify our sanitary standards and our premises thence, in case, to attest any illegality.

Home Restaurant Hotel represents the natural union between Social Eating and Social Travelling and my model could allow, by means of our app (many others could spread), not only to rent a room inside a house with a shared bathroom, but also to try out cooking a pleasant meal.

Unlike the recent past, nowadays technology allows us to create apps to offer services, to open new work frontiers and new economic opportunities. For this reason, the European Union believes that all the forms of new economy should be incentivized: but this Decree Law not only sets up mandatory conditions but also introduces a measure which forbids the union with the landlords and, as a result, Home Restaurant Hotel would cease its legal and fitting development after 21 months of activity and a patented brand by the Ministry of Economic Development. The only Parliament in Europe to forbid the “cross” with the B&Bs, by inventing senseless excuses in favor of a lobby like Confesercenti and against the growth and the development of our country”.